Experiencing an Institutional Transformation


"The XXIst century will be institutional or will not be"

ETI (Experiencing an Institutional Transformation) is a European project that proposes to artists or non-artists associated with artists, who are French, Romanian, Spanish and Italian, to reformulate a group of art institutions.

Thanks to the intervention of European citizens and artists associated with four European artistic institutions, ETI takes up the challenge of imagining a new institution that is sensitive to the diversity of social and artistic practices and opens up spaces of culture to wider audiences.

Brought together by the National School of Art (ENDA) are Idensitat in Barcelona (Spain), Minitremu in Targu-Mures (Romania) and the Bottari Lattes Foundation in Monforte d’Alba (Italy), who will welcome artists to publicly experiment with a new kind of programming that will lead to many institutional reformulations. ETI will conclude with a forum in Paris presenting all the experiments carried out during the two years of the project. This forum will also be an opportunity to prototype a European consultation counsel to support artistic and cultural institutions wishing to work toward the transformation of their model.

The selected artists will take part in a series of actions over a period of two years with a residency from 5 to 8 May 2020, a local program (date depending on country to be added), and an invitation to the forum in Paris in September 2021.