The application includes: 

  • An application form
  •  An application form to fill out below

The application must be proposed by a citizen and an artist. The citizen must come from a sector other than the art sector. He or she can be a physical person or a corporate body and can take part in the project with his or her professional, territorial and/or social qualifications.

The citizen and the artist must together propose a project of institutional reformulation that experiments with institutional access for new audiences.

Depending on their interpretation of the context and the particularities of the Fondation Botarri Lattes, Minitremu or Idensitat, the project must adhere to the following conditions:

  • ensure close collaboration between the citizen, the artist and the institution ;
  • work with the specifics of the citizen’s sector;
  • involve other audiences and partners other than those of the institution;
  • propose formats of presentation other than that of the exhibition;
  • ensure a pedagogical approach.

1 – Application form

The application must be accompanied by the following documents in PDF format, to be sent by email to:

  • A letter of intent presenting the interaction of the artist and the citizen according to the partner and the chosen local context (max. 1000 characters). The file must be named as follows:
    – ETI_[ProjectTitle]_Intention
  • A detailed description of the project (max. 2000 characters). The file must be named as follows :
    – ETI_[ProjectTitle] Description
  • The biographies and CVs of the artist and of the citizen. The files should be named as follows :
    – ETI [ProjectTitle] CVArtist[NameOfArtist]
    – ETI_ [ProjectTitle] CVCitizen[NameOfCitizen]

Books and visuals are not taken into account in the selection of applications.

2 – Application Form